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Hi there, my name is Manuel, but you can call me Manny.

After spending 25 years in sales, I realized my true passion went beyond helping clients reach new customers – I wanted to help them reach new heights. I created SAVBEN in 2017 to provide passionate business owners like you with everything they need to accomplish their goals while maintaining originality of their brands and keeping up with the constantly changing marketing and advertising trends.

Not only does the reliance on digital marketing increase more every year, it has become a necessity for businesses in the modern world. While many agencies think the best way to ensure optimal presence online is through the use of generic templates, our team at SAVBEN offers a more personal approach to help you create a more unique foundation and draw more traffic.

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One Passion Born from Another

I understand how challenging it can be to manage a business and a family at the same time. As a family man whose business is named after his beloved children, Savannah and Benjamin, my passion for my family carries on into what I do. The SAVBEN team is here to give your business the character it deserves and reflect the passion you put into it while capturing your target audience.

SAVBEN offers everything you need to help your business stand out, from graphic design and managed IT services to SEO, social media, and more. We provide both a la carte services and packages, allowing you to choose exactly what fits your needs. Our team looks forward to helping you personalize your online presence and achieve your professional goals.


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