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These days, digital marketing involves the use of many tools to get the right message to the right audience through search advertising and more. Having access to so many tools makes omnichannel advertising quite complicated, but you can learn how to alter your tactics and channels and make your marketing goals much more achievable.

Paid Search Campaign

Google Ads makes launching a PPC campaign quite easy, which is why it’s common for marketers with lower advertising budgets to choose paid search as their first target channel. You don’t need to learn how to operate any fancy technology. Yet, you still have the opportunity to beat out in-market shoppers the moment they start searching, thanks to the advanced targeting methods that search has to offer. Search campaigns deliver quantifiable results that give you a better look at what terms are working and which ones are working well.

Programmatic Display Advertising

If you’re able to buckle down and learn the complexities of programmatic display advertising, it will be worth your while. This advertising medium is often considered to be the best team player in brand awareness campaigns because display ads can appear pretty much anywhere potential customers are online. To get the most out of this method, you will need to have either a DSP, a connection with an agency that can manage the campaigns for you, or a direct relationship with a demand-site platform.

There’s no disadvantage to mixing both means of advertising in your campaign. You actually may increase your ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) from utilizing display and search advertising tactics.

Below are a few ways to combine search and display advertising in a sufficient way:

1. Keyword contextual targeting

You probably already have a list of your best-performing keywords from your search campaigns, but did you know you can use those same keywords to add contextual targeting to your programmatic campaign? This method doesn’t create a direct link between the two mediums, but it does give you the ability to refine your audience targets further.

2. Cast a wide net

Whether your site isn’t receiving enough traffic or you’re looking to find more new customers, the first step is to bring more visitors to your site. Programmatic display advertising is a great way to help you achieve this because it helps target the audiences you’re looking for, but for a better price than a paid search campaign. If you plan on having a big promotion within the next few months, you’ll want to increase your spending on brand awareness tactics far in advance. Starting early should help you ensure a larger lookalike audience that’s ready to buy your products as soon as the promotion launches. Cast a wide net with your display ads, then narrow down your framework over time to make sure you’re targeting techniques find the right customers.

3. Use retargeting tactics

Now that you have all of these new users visiting your site, it’s time to utilize cross-platform retargeting. Whether your methods are simple or complex, your goal should be focused on helping drive conversion – both now and later on. If you own a mattress store and are running a paid search campaign for bunk beds and only 17% of your paid search traffic yields paying customers, you’ve got work to do. How do you get the remaining 83% of site visitors to convert? One tactic is to retarget your messaging with the goal of reeling them in. Think about how you can win them over at any point in the future, not just right now

There’s no disadvantage to mixing both means of advertising in your campaign. You actually may increase your ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) from utilizing display and search advertising tactics.

Not only are these tactics perfect for accompanying ongoing search activity, but they are also great ways to increase product awareness for your brand and your overall brand awareness. You don’t need to dump so much money into paid search campaigns. Implementing unique targeting strategies and display ad tactics can decrease your spending costs while increasing the efficiency of your campaigns.

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