Managed IT Services Your Business Should Implement

Basic IT Services Your Business Should Implement

By A Digital N.E.R.D

Managed IT Services Your Business Should Implement

The role of information technology (IT) in a business is ever-changing and always expanding. In today’s world, almost every business throughout all industries use Information Technology (IT) to some degree, albeit a POS system to process sales transactions or a website that provides information about the company and its products and/or services. These are only a couple of different examples of IT tech exist in many businesses today. Let’s have a look at the basic IT services every business should have in place:

Data Security Measures

Lately, It seems all too often we hear of a data breach or hacking event in which a number of people’s personal information is compromised, whether it’s credit card information, online usernames and passwords, or full names, addresses, and/or social security numbers (SSNs). It is the sole responsibility of the business protect client information through encryptions or any means possible, for the safety of the clients and in abiding by standard rules & regulations. At SAVBEN, we strive to implement the safest and most stringent security measures in line with industry standards, and we make it a point to properly and thoroughly train the people in your company to manage and access this information appropriately.

Mobile Devices

Many companies nowadays, provide employees with mobile devices for daily operations, such as tracking the progress of a manufactured good, connecting with customers while out on the field or posting on social media. For the safety and privacy of your business and your employees, these devices need to be secure and consistently updated with the latest software. As the manager or owner, you may want to set limits on the capabilities of these mobile devices to deter and prevent your employees from using them for personal or entertainment purposes (e.g., block Facebook or YouTube). 

Internet Connection

Currently there are 4.39 billion people online according to We Are Social, this includes smartphones, tablets, computers, and any device that can connect to the internet. As such, your business should be equipped with a secure internet connection, albeit WiFi, ethernet cables, or both. Ethernet cables are the most reliable and provide the fastest connection than WiFi, but hardwiring your business can become costly. Even so, it’s worth the investment. The internet connection in your office allows you to have better uptime and analyze what your consumer base is looking for. For further reading on this topic, learn how your business can benefit from hardwiring the office.

Backup and Data Recovery

We’ve all been there before when mistakes happen or disasters strike, it’s imperative to have access to your files. A backup of the files creates a digital copy on a device to be accessed in case a certain file gets accidentally deleted, corrupted, a flood or fire cuts power or access to the building. With modern technology you can choose to back up your files to the cloud (online-storage) or a separate device, such as a computer, server, or external hard-disks. It’s important to perform regular backups so that you have a copy of the files, especially the recently created ones files.

Telephone Service

In addition to the above the last on our list of IT services is your telephone. Although, we find that not that many people like to communicate via phone anymore, it’s still an important factor to protect. Since, nowadays landlines are becoming obsolete, VOIP telephone services are phone calls transmitted over the internet just like a computer or a mobile phone. 

 At SAVBEN, we specialize in providing the necessary IT office equipment and services for your business. We provide a thorough inspection of your place of business and analyze your needs to offer your company the best IT solutions in the industry. 

Want to learn more about our Information Technology (I.T) services? Contact our team at 844-394-3707 or schedule a complimentary consultation here.

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