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The Top In-Demand Programming Skills of 2021

The Top In-Demand Programming Skills of 2021

It’s 2021 and the tech industry is booming. Computer programming was once thought to be a skill set reserved for the socially awkward who would rather build computers all day than mingle with people. Today, that could not be any further from the truth.

More and more people are learning the skills necessary to become successful programmers. And these days, programming is in just about everything we use daily, from our smartphones to streaming the new buzz-worthy tv-show. Even when we opt for the speedier self-checkout option at our local grocery store, we use the product of skilled computer programmers.

So, who is writing the code that improves our daily lives? And how do you break into a new and exciting programming career in the tech industry? Luckily, it might be a lot easier than you think. 

Gone are the days of a tech career requiring a computer science degree from a four-year university, or even a two-year technical or community college program. While both of these pathways are still available options, they are by no means a requirement. Instead, coding bootcamps are becoming an increasingly popular option to learn what you need to become a skilled technology professional. These short-term, intensive programs will teach you everything you need to break into a new career in the tech industry, and it’ll take less than a year.

Many of these schools that offer coding bootcamps provide a multitude of class schedule options, including full time and in-person, part-time, online and even self-paced. Many of these programs also include various means of tuition repayment through deferred tuition payments or even income-sharing agreements, which allow students to enroll and complete the bootcamp and pay back the tuition later once they have been hired in the tech industry.

Now, let’s answer that first question regarding who are these skilled programmers, and what kind of products are they building?

Web Development

The process of building great websites is called Web Development, and the programmers who write the code that makes sites function the way we need them to are called Web Developers. In today’s Internet-centric world, these programming professionals are responsible for building and creating so much of what we do every day, from checking our email to posting a status on social media and even looking up a quick recipe. A Web Developer has built this very blog you are reading. There are three main types of Web Developers.

Front End

Front End Developers use programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build what is called the “client side” of the websites. These Web Development professionals are tasked with building the framework of what we actually see and interact with on a site. Functions like search bars and “Request More Information,” buttons and even automated chat boxes are all designed by Front End Developers.

Back End

Back End Developers are referred to as server-side engineers. These in-demand Web Developers use programming languages like Python, Rub, JavaScript, and PHP to code out the logic that runs in the background of the websites we see and use every day. This programming logic makes the functions and buttons we see and interact with on a website work properly so that they do what we need them to do.

Full Stack 

Lastly, there are the skilled programmers that do it all. They build both the front end of the client side as well as the back end of the server side of a website. Web Developers with the necessary experience and programming capability to build both sides are called Full Stack Developers. These programmers are always in high demand since they can essentially do the jobs of two people. Companies love to hire Full Stack Developers since it can often cut down on payroll and often increase efficiency.

Job Outlook

The tech industry as a whole is booming, and is not showing any signs of slowing down. The web development field is no exception. Web development job demand is expected to grow by 13 percent by 2028.

According to Zip Recruiter, Web Developers enjoy a comfortable income with entry-level salaries around $50,000, and more senior-level Web Developers earning over $90,000. Web Developers also report a high degree of job satisfaction. 

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